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Power of 4 РBalancedInvesting 

22 Jun

Four category investing is about creating balance and safety within your investment portfolio. During the Great Recession of 2007-2014 many investors who specialised in just one area went bankrupt particularly if that area was property. Those that survived, thrived and increased their wealth were 4 category investors. Why? Because when one category is down another is up. 
During the Great Recession property went down lenders called in mortgages, rents dropped and arrears went up. Unemployment was high many were on benefits. Share prices went down fortunes were lost. On the reverse side Self employment accelerated especially Network Marketing. Gold and Silver prices had phenomenal growth. 
Whatever the economic climate at least one of the 4 categories will be down while another is up. 
Protect yourself and invest in all 4 categories.


The Power of 4

19 Jun

As a kid I was always told everything comes in 3’s. As an Investor I’ve discovered that’s wrong as everything comes in 4’s. If you want to be wealthy and build your dream lifestyle you need to embrace The Power of 4. 
What are The 4 Powers? 
1. There are 4 Investment Categories- Property, Paper, Business and Cash.
2. There are 4 support Pillars – Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Risk Management and Cashflow
3. There are 4 Investment levels – Foundation, Income, Growth and Speculation
4. There are 4 Key Investment Skills – Leverage, Compounding Effect, income Producing Assets and use of Good debt. 
Are you using The Power of 4?