22 Dec

For two month I’ve struggled. An old injury with my back reoccurred. This caused a fall and I fractured my foot. I’ve spent weeks in bed or simply resting in front of the fire.  While I could spend the time feeling sorry for myself the forced hiatus has provided lots of opportunities.

I’m a member of a personal development book club. Books have been building up waiting for holidays which is usually the only time I get to read. Over the past 2 months I can say my reading is almost up to date. My mind busy processing information and brimming with ideas for the new year. 

I love learning and go to training courses a few times a month. Lack of mobility slowed this down. I have however, discovered webinars. Brilliant training from the luxury of my own home at hours to suit me. 

There has been plenty of opportunities to sit with my laptop and write. Several books are in the pipeline for the coming years. 

And finally, planning. I can’t wait to get mobile again and put into practice all the plans I have made for 2016. 

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing there are always opportunities around you. Just take a moment to see them.

Enjoy the festive season and be ready to hit 2016 running for an incredible year. 


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