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Make A Plan – Business

25 Feb

‘Start At The End’ blog last week discussed designing the kind of lifestyle you would like then building an investment that helps you achieve it. Now, you need a plan to get there.  This week we look at putting a plan together to have a business.

There are four basic investment groups – Cash, Paper (Shares), Property and Business. I believe it is best to have investments in all four categories.  For many the thought of a business as an investment or even having a business is very scary but there are different types of businesses and different ways to invest.

1. The traditional way is to build your own business from scratch.  This can be on a part-time basis around your normal working hours and based on a hobby or something you would like to get into. It can be hard work getting a new business off the ground. You can move into the business full time when you have built a customer base that can support paying you an income.  You also have a business you can sell in the future.

2.  You can purchase an existing business.  You can run the business yourself or if it has an existing staffing structure use the staff to run the business for you. Homework needs to be done to ensure you are buying a viable business and not one that is about to fail.  You will usually use an accountant and a lawyer to ensure the business is good and to do the legal transfer to you.

3.  Franchising allows you to buy into a business structure that has a proven record for success.  This type of business is usually more successful than buying a one off business or starting your own.  You build your business from scratch using the system provided by the Franchisor.  If you want to leave the business you can normally sell back to the franchisor or sell to another franchisee

4. Network Marketing is a business model similar to franchising except you build a team of people interested in having their own business who support one another to achieving success.  This is a very good model to start with if you have no experience of running a business or if you want something you can run very part-time.  After a few years hard work you have a business which can grow without much input from you. This business model provides residual income for life on a monthly basis once you achieve certain levels and can be left to family in your will.

5. Angel Investing is investing in new start up businesses or a business wanting to restructure and raise capital.  It can be high risk with failure rates quite high. Can be very high rewards with businesses that succeed.  The business should have an exit strategy so you know when you can expect to be paid.  Tax rewards for investing in this type of business are high.

Take a few moments to put you Plan for A Business in place and start your journey to your new lifestyle.

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Do You Love Your Business

23 Feb


Motivational speaker David Hyner asks you to fall in love with your business

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Who Do You See?

20 Feb

When you look in the mirror do you see the person you always wanted to be or the person you are.
Everyday you have the choice to rewrite your future history.
I decided years ago that weekends would be five days and not two.
I remember having two weeks holiday a year. Now it’s nearly two weeks a month.
I also worked out that it’s none of my business what people think of me.
Giving my kids the best life I can is my priority.

You also have to go through tough times to appreciate the good times more.

Don’t just exist your life , live it.
Is it Friday? nearly time to get up then.
Have a fantastic weekend.

Thanks to Jimmy Chapman for being our guest blogger today.  Jimmy is perhaps one of the most successful Network Marketers in the UK.

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Start At The End…..

18 Feb

Why do you want to be an investor?

For most it’s because you want extra income, a different lifestyle or sometimes just to stay in bed in the morning and get up when you choose. Whatever your reason how will you know when you have achieved what you want?

That’s why I say start at the end.

Most people have no idea what kind of life they want. They say just something better than this. You need to think specifically about what you want. Some suggestions are:-

  • Do you want to be living in the same home?
  • Where would you like to live?
  • How many holidays a year do to you want to take?
  • Will you be working in the same job?
  • What car do you want to be driving?

Put a picture together of the type of lifestyle you want in 5, 10 or 20 years from now. Put it together in a scrapbook, folder or on your computer or mobile. Find some pictures of the things you want. Put it somewhere where you will see it every day.

As an investor you need to have an end result in mind or how do you know how successful you are at being an investor?   Do you want 50 rental properties; £100,000 in shares; 10 businesses or £50,000 in cash? You are the only one who can answer those questions.

Once you know what you want putting the plan together to achieve it is easy.

So before you open a share account; before you purchase your first rental property start at the end. Start by outling what your end target is.

Think Differently …….

10 Feb

Last month I attended a training session with David Hyner on Goal Setting.  David’s approach is totally unique and changes everything you’ve ever been taught about SMART goals.  He throws it out the window and uses his own approach to goal setting.  My results so far are amazing.

David also has some really quick easy and sensible advice about being in business, being professional which helps us not only as business owners but also as investors.

David has agreed to be a guest blogger for this website and his first video post is below.  We will serialise his posts this month.  Hope you enjoy the information David has to share as much as I did taking his class.

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