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Nature’s Master Class

21 Nov

It’s that time of year again where I spend hours cleaning up dead leaves only to find that 10 minutes later it doesn’t look like I’ve done anything. It’s time to plant the daffodil and tulip bulbs ready for Spring that’s if I want to have plenty of colour in the garden. Through January and February I’ll be pruning trees and preparing the ground for the spring growth. Come summer I’ll be able to relax in the garden knowing all the hard work has been done. In Autumn next year I’ll start the same process over again.

In the Southern Hemisphere the seasons are opposite. Family and friends are now enjoying the fruits of their autumn/winter labour with springtime colours in their garden as they head towards summer.

So, what does this have to do with investing?

Seasons in gardening can be compared to investment cycles. The bottom of the cycle is winter where you buy and wait for the investment to grow. Spring is the growth period where your investment blooms making plenty of money. Summer is the plateau at the top of the cycle. There’s still some growth in the investment but not a lot. Autumn is the downward slide where you sell the investment or hold until the next growth period. Regardless of which investments you have they will be in a difference cycle of growth or decline. That will occur at different rates in various parts of the world.

There are basically four categories for investing – Cash, Property, Paper and Business. Each having a variety of subclasses and each being in a different part of the investment cycle throughout the year. Some cycles can last for months while others can last for years. Your job as an investor is to monitor each investment so when the springtime growth comes you are ready to make the most of it.

So next time you are working in your garden don’t think of it as a chore or burden. Think of it as Nature’s Master Class in Investing.

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Looking Back …….

10 Nov

What was your life like 5 years ago in November 2009? Would you say if was better, just the same or worse? Most people will not answer this honestly. Usually, you get a “don’t know” response when you know the true answers are that their lives are just the same or worse.

Let’s step into the future. What do you think your life will be like in 5 years time in November 2019? Will it be better, just the same or worse? Everyone hopes it will be better but few take the action necessary to ensure it is better.


Because it seems like hard work and they would rather be sat in front of the television or down the pub with their mates. Everyone has an excuse not to do something. By applying the principles of investing to your life you can achieve so much more.

As an investor you are always looking the value of an investment today and where you expect it to go in the future. When you invest you are hoping your investment will provide you with capital growth and income over the life of the investment. If it doesn’t perform to expectations you get rid of it and look for something new. Would you invest in something you expected to lose money and depreciate over the next 5 years? Obviously, the answer is no. So why don’t we put more effort into creating the type of life we want?

Several years ago I met a family in financial difficulty. Their house was up for sale in the hope any profit would pay off their debts. I had several visits with them and showed them how they could clear their debts in 6 months and keep their home. Everyday they bet on the horses, smoked, drank beer and cider and bought lotto tickets. All they had to do was give up the gambling, drinking and smoking and they would be debt free (except for the mortgage) in 6 months.

That was 10 years ago and sadly they wouldn’t take any action. They lost their home. Were forced to move away from friends and family. Their children suffered because they couldn’t go to university and get the careers they wanted.

A couple of months ago I bumped into the son who told me they lived in a council house in a fairly rough area. He was 24 years old had had a couple of short term contracts and managed to save some money. He told me Mum and Dad were still the same. He’d read one of my books and wanted some help to get started with an investment. For a few weeks we went through the basics of investing. He liked the idea of P2P investing and set up an account with a P2P company together with a standing order for a regular weekly amount.

Looking towards the future where do you think the parents will be in November 2019 and where do you think the son will be?

It doesn’t take much to make a drastic change for the future. Remember an earlier blog on how you can save £2.73 a day and become a millionaire. Little action steps taken every day have a huge impact on your future.

Take action today and secure a new tomorrow. Then when you look back in November 2019 you can proudly answer ‘ My Life Is Better’ than it was in 2014.