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Your Greatest Decision ……. Is Now

28 Feb

Your Greatest Decision ……. Is Now

On New Year’s Eve, December 2014, will you look back at the year and say if only … or will you look back and say what a fantastic year it’s been with so many memorable moments to recall that you wonder how 2015 can improve upon it.

Yeah, right, dream on, I hear a lot of you say but even now this year can become your greatest year yet.  It all comes down to one simple thing to making it so.  Make a Decision.

If you decide today will be the day you start the new business you’ve promised yourself then start it.  Or today you will open the Shares ISA you’ve been promising yourself and start your investment plan. Or today you will go and make an offer on that rental property you’ve been looking at.  Or today you will start learning more about investing.   Whatever you decide to do a decision has been made and one which will impact on your future forever.

It may be the right decision it may be the wrong one but you exercised your right to make a decision.  If it’s the wrong one – make another decision.  If it’s the right one – fantastic you are well on your way to a new life.

Have you ever thought about why some people can say they will do something and they do it.  They may want to loose weight, or go to an evening class, book a holiday.  Others say maybe, I’m not sure, I need some more information, sometime in the future I want to……. Sadly sometime never comes because those people can’t make a decision.  The people who succeed in life are those willing to make a decision now.

Investing is about making quick decisions.  Do you want to buy that share at price A or price B?  What price are you willing to sell at?  At what price do you want to buy or sell a property? How much deposit will I need? Can I get a mortgage? How much money will I need to live in retirement? Will I have to work until I’m 90 years old or can I retire at 50? Wow, so many questions and so many decisions to make.  The truth is the more you practice making quick decisions the better you become at it.

Your greatest decision is now.  What do you need to do for your financial future?

In previous blogs I said I would offer you some opportunities to work directly with me.  The 1st opportunity is below.  What is your decision?


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Have Some Fun……

19 Feb

Once a week I teach Financial IQ.  In our classes this year we have been spending a lot of time on planning to be wealthy.  We’ve written retirement plans that see us retire with very little income except state pension.  We wrote plans that allowed us to retire more comfortably with some investments, private pension and state pension.  Then we wrote plans that ensured we were wealthy with no money worries.  Each plan required a different way of thinking.

In our first plan we did nothing.  Got a job and paid our Taxes and NIC contributions.  We expected the government to look after us in our old age in return for the years of dedicated work.  The reality was very different.  Today many elderly have to choose between heating their homes or feeding themselves.  They are on a basic state pension struggling to survive day to day.

In our second plan we worked, paid our Taxes and NIC contributions.  We put some money aside for a private pension and when we could afford it put some money into our ISA accounts.  The end result was a more enjoyable retirement.  We could afford holidays once or twice a year.  We had to budget but on the whole we lived a much more comfortable life enjoying a few luxuries.

In our third plan we had some fun.  We planned the type of lifestyle we wanted, the overseas travel, dining out a couple of times a week, shopping when we wanted to, buying that car we always promised ourselves.  Then we worked out how much that was likely to cost. Added an extra million or two for emergencies and came up with a plan to fund it all.  To some this might sound like a fantasy but if you take the time to put a plan together you’ll soon discover how easy it really is to become wealthy.

Many people think and plan for the career they want.  Do the training, get the qualifications, find the job and then get into the rut of day to day living.  So why not take a couple of hours out and have some fun…  Plan how to be wealthy and enjoy the lifestyle you deserve.

Karen Newton is the Author of ‘Surviving 2013’ A Financial Guide.