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We Are Each The Author Of Our Own Lives…

28 Jan

In 1979 ‘A Woman of Substance’ written by Barbara Taylor Bradford was first published.  The lead character, Emma Harte, overcomes prejudice adversity and class divide to be a successful and wealthy business woman.  My favourite quote from the book ‘We are each the author of our own lives’.

The quote is very true.  What you get out of life is what you are prepared to put in.  If you are prepared to sit in front of the television night after night do you think that business you wanted to build in your spare time will build itself?  Will your wealth plan write itself?  We each have one life and it is up to us what we do with it.  What is your life story going to say?

It’s a sad fact that the majority of people look for the next get rich quick scheme – there is no such thing.  If you are lucky you might win the lottery but in general wealth is created by people who were willing to take small steps every day towards achieving their plan.

If you are going to become an investor you need to start learning about investments.  Once you know the type of investments available you can decide which suits you best.  Put a plan together, set some targets and start investing.  Learn how to make it as automated as possible.  Then give it the time and space to work.  Take little steps in your investment strategy that over time can create enormous wealth.

Business is much the same.  It starts with a plan and some goals.  What sort of business do you want?  Is it going to be a large conglomerate, small home business or something in between?  Will it be just you or will you need staff or a team around you?  Take some action today and start that business plan.

There are plenty of people who will try to hold you back.  Family and friends will often be the worse without realising they are being so negative but don’t let anyone tell you ‘you can’t do it’ because you can if you want to.

Today make the decision to become the author of your own life.  Write the plan and start to work it.


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Investing Is Boring

15 Jan

Think investing is all about excitement and glamour?  Think again.  Investing is dull and boring.

When talking about investing many people imagine the sharemarket.  They think about traders screaming at one another across a crowded room.  They imagine prices going up and down making or losing thousands of pounds in the blink of any eye.  They imagine it is exciting and sometime glamorous especially if they watch the movie ‘Wall Street’ with Michael Douglas.  The reality is being an investor is boring.

An Investor is someone who has a plan to become wealthy and follows their plan.  Their plan is to buy income producing assets which they hold for a long time before on selling, if in fact they do sell.  A large proportion of investors never sell passing their assets on to loved ones upon death.

True investors will tell you that investing is about having a system to create wealth then sitting back and allowing time to work its magic.  It can be very boring waiting for that to happen.

We frequently discuss the four investment categories – business, property, shares and cash.  So let’s look at the first 3.

Business doesn’t grow overnight.  It takes hard work and lots of little steps over time to create a successful business.  If there was such a thing as an overnight successful business we would all be doing it.  Great businesses are built on doing the same boring things day in day out that make the business grow.

Property investors are buying for the long term.  Investors will be holding onto their properties waiting for their investment to grow in value. (Historically, prices double on average 7-10 years) There is the bonus of income from the rents that provide additional revenue to buy more assets.  But the investment in the property itself is about waiting for time to pass until the investment goes up in value.

Shares can be traded but an investor will buy shares for the long term.  They will be looking for shares in companies they believe are solid and will grow in value.  Dividends are reinvested into more shares.  Over time the value of the investment will grow.

An investor is not interested in the day to day movement in the markets.  This doesn’t mean they won’t keep an eye on what is happening.  It means they won’t be panicking because the price has dropped.

An investor has confidence in their decision making.  They have put a plan together and they know if they stick to the plan they are almost guaranteed to be rich.  An investor isn’t chasing after the next ‘big’ thing to invest in.  They stick to their plan.  Their boring simple plan which over time will see them increase their wealth.

If you want to be an investor start by putting together your own boring simple plan.  Make it as automated as possible so it requires little management from you.  Allow it the time to work its magic and then one morning you will wake up and be amazed to find out how rich you are.

Karen Newton is the author of several books on investing and time management.  Her books are available from Amazon

Welcome To 2014

1 Jan

Happy New Year and welcome to 2014. A year that offers great excitement, great opportunities and great challenges. Well, my year does what about yours?

I am one of those organised and driven to succeed people with goals and plans every step of the way. I wasn’t always like that. I fumbled along year by year and wondered why I remained poor and all the successes I craved avoid me. Then in 1999 I wrote a plan. Left it on the shelf gathering dust until 2001 when I started working the plan. By 2003 I was able to retire wealthy enough to never have to work again.

Advance to 2011 and I was bored. Got back into planning, building business and investments and I haven’t looked back.

In 2013 I set myself several goals to achieve. Each one cannot be completed in a year. The target date for each goal is 31st December 2020. There are lots of steps for each goal that have to be achieved each year to allow me to move forward. It’s like having a jigsaw puzzle and only when the last piece is in place will you be able to see the whole picture. So I know 2014 is going to be exciting, challenging and presenting lots of opportunities. I also know I need a lot of faith, courage, determination and perseverance to succeed.

As a new investor you will also need courage. faith, determination and perseverance to succeed.

Through my blogs and books you will find information and opportunities which if grasped with both hands could take you on the road to great wealth. It will only happen if you make the decision to act. Putting it off until tomorrow never works. As the saying goes tomorrow never comes.

Over the coming year I will be offering you the opportunity to invest with me and work on joint ventures with me. I hope you will grab the opportunities when they arise. So for now welcome to 2014 a year offering great excitement, great challenges and great opportunities. Happy New Year