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Are you one of them?……

17 Dec

We all have the same number of hours in a day.  We all have wealth opportunities around us.  So why do only 1% of the population become rich?

If you were learning to drive a car you would have a goal – to get a learner licence, book some lessons, start practicing and then take a test.  Many people fail their test the first time around.  While they aren’t happy about it, they keep going, book some more lessons and take another test.  Statistics show the majority of drivers pass at the second attempt.

Yet, when it comes to planning for your future and putting some goals together most people fail and never make a second attempt.  You’ll hear them say ‘It doesn’t work’; ‘It’s a scam’ but it isn’t the system that fails it’s the person that fails or gives up too soon to make it worthwhile.  Think of failure as simply a lesson of what not to do.

Take the next couple of weeks to think about what you want from 2014.  Put a plan together to achieve it.  Set up some goals to keep you on track and don’t give up when the first obstacle comes your way.  Persistence is one of the main keys to success.

Once you have a plan and some goals in place you will be amazed at the opportunities that present themselves.  Every day I find several business opportunities.  I write them down and file most of them for future reference.  There are always some that stand out and need further investigation.  This year I set up 3 businesses from scratch and invested into 4 more start up businesses.  Opportunities are everywhere just open your eyes and your mind and you will see them.

For those who follow my blog you’ll know there are only 4 types of investments.  But each class has numerous opportunities within in them.  The 4 investment types are Property, Business, Paper and Cash.  Within the property class you have a range of investment opportunities whether it be flats, apartments, student lets, family homes or retirement homes.  Within each of those categories are several more sub-categories for instance family homes could be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or more bedroom houses.  I also see numerous business opportunites within each sub category – house building, electrical, gas, maintenance, gardening, cleaning, furnishing, lettings etc.  A whole host of opportunities await.

Many will use the excuse that there aren’t enough hours in the day – they are too busy.  But ask yourself this question?  How much television do you watch each day?  How many extra hours do you spend in bed each morning? Do you need to go to the pub tonight?  If your future is important to you along with your future wealth do you think you could find an extra 30 minutes a day to start building a business?  How about learning a new skill?

Why do only a small percentage of the population become rich?  Because they will find the time to put a plan together; they will find the time to write down some goals; they will find the time to make the plan work.  They will look for opportunities and grab them.  They will do everything they can to build a business or make the investment and despite the obstacles that come their way they will never give up.  They will be persistent until they succeed.

Are you one of them?