Power of 4 – BalancedInvesting 

22 Jun

Four category investing is about creating balance and safety within your investment portfolio. During the Great Recession of 2007-2014 many investors who specialised in just one area went bankrupt particularly if that area was property. Those that survived, thrived and increased their wealth were 4 category investors. Why? Because when one category is down another is up. 
During the Great Recession property went down lenders called in mortgages, rents dropped and arrears went up. Unemployment was high many were on benefits. Share prices went down fortunes were lost. On the reverse side Self employment accelerated especially Network Marketing. Gold and Silver prices had phenomenal growth. 
Whatever the economic climate at least one of the 4 categories will be down while another is up. 
Protect yourself and invest in all 4 categories.


The Power of 4

19 Jun

As a kid I was always told everything comes in 3’s. As an Investor I’ve discovered that’s wrong as everything comes in 4’s. If you want to be wealthy and build your dream lifestyle you need to embrace The Power of 4. 
What are The 4 Powers? 
1. There are 4 Investment Categories- Property, Paper, Business and Cash.
2. There are 4 support Pillars – Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Risk Management and Cashflow
3. There are 4 Investment levels – Foundation, Income, Growth and Speculation
4. There are 4 Key Investment Skills – Leverage, Compounding Effect, income Producing Assets and use of Good debt. 
Are you using The Power of 4?

Property Investing

10 Apr

Property Investing 
When it comes to property Investing most people automatically think of residential property. But there are many more opportunities available.

Last week I sold a garage. Garages have become a popular investment over recent years. They are generally low cost and versatile. No licenses required and a simple coat of paint between renters and they are ready to go for the next renter.
Garages can be used for parking a car. Used as storage units. In London they are being converted into bedsits. So popular are garages these days that they are the new growth area for property investors.
You can download a simple rental agreement from the Internet- there is a fee. And quickly be earning money from your investment.
Research last year into garage rentals and I found one company that owned 15,000 garages. 
Garages offer a great entry into property investing.
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From Zero To Millionaire 

29 Oct

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Thank you 

16 Feb

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22 Dec

For two month I’ve struggled. An old injury with my back reoccurred. This caused a fall and I fractured my foot. I’ve spent weeks in bed or simply resting in front of the fire.  While I could spend the time feeling sorry for myself the forced hiatus has provided lots of opportunities.

I’m a member of a personal development book club. Books have been building up waiting for holidays which is usually the only time I get to read. Over the past 2 months I can say my reading is almost up to date. My mind busy processing information and brimming with ideas for the new year. 

I love learning and go to training courses a few times a month. Lack of mobility slowed this down. I have however, discovered webinars. Brilliant training from the luxury of my own home at hours to suit me. 

There has been plenty of opportunities to sit with my laptop and write. Several books are in the pipeline for the coming years. 

And finally, planning. I can’t wait to get mobile again and put into practice all the plans I have made for 2016. 

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing there are always opportunities around you. Just take a moment to see them.

Enjoy the festive season and be ready to hit 2016 running for an incredible year. 

Investments Create Business Opportunities and vicer versa

23 Nov

Investments create business opportunities and business creates investment opportunities. It’s a continuous cycle and it begins with you and your ideas.

There are only 4 categories to invest in Business, Cash, Property and Paper. Business generates cash, cash provides the money to buy property or paper assets. As each asset grows there are more opportunities to build other streams of income. With each income stream a new business opportunity will present itself.

Using property as an example. By building a property portfolio there are services required to run the portfolio each of which can be a separate business. A management company can be created to manage your portfolio and the portfolios for other property investors. An inventory company can be formed to do 3 monthly rental property checks for your portfolio and other customers. Other potential businesses can be cleaning, maintenance, gardening and utilities. Each providing a service to your property portfolio investment. Each business can have external customers to allow a more organic growth within the business structure.

As each company becomes a successful standalone business it will generate more profit and income which can then be added to your cash pile for reinvestment into more properties and more paper assets. As each company grows it will need more suppliers for the business which can be new businesses created by you.

There are various ways to grow your business. Franchising is one where you sell a successful business model providing access to your proven systems. This will allow a business to grow without the normal exposure to overhead and financial liabilities that often stifle business growth.

In the previous blog we discussed changing the mindset to that of an investor. With an investor mindset you will continually see opportunities around you. Sometimes, there are so many opportunities it’s hard to decide which to put into the ‘not now’ categories and which to put into the ‘yes, now’ category.

Business can be used to offset taxes legally and reduce tax liability on investments. An accountant is the best person to advise you on which structures will fit best within your investment strategy.

The next time you are wondering what you can invest in remember – Investments create business opportunities and business creates investment opportunities. It’s a continuous cycle which starts by investing in you and your ideas.